Ghost Town

by The Rickaneers

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"Ghost Town" is Toronto band The Rickaneers sophomore Ep and comes hot on the heels of their debut self-titled Ep. Released on November 21, 2014, "Ghost Town' has already received many accolades, including a 7 out of 10 from Pop Matters' Zachary Houle, who describes the Ep as "a startling way into The Rickaneers blend of 60's garage, 70's glam and 90's grunge" and describes the Ep's title track as "having all the strut and swagger of a lost 'Nuggets' nugget".


released November 21, 2014

All songs written by The Rickaneers
Engineered by Graham Shaw at Nik Nak Studios
Produced by Glenn Marais and The Rickaneers



all rights reserved


The Rickaneers Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Ghost Town
Its a ghost town/incapable to feel at all/ghost town/where the liars stand tall/perched out on top of a cracked ledge/looking down at all of us/I will not buy in/ghost town/no soul left to save/its the home of the weak in the land of the brave/swappin spit for the hell of it/watch them all burn to stay relevant/I will not buy in/all the it gals just trying to get a look/feeling bad never looked so good/acting tough and they're acting up/this town's swallowed you whole and spit you out
Track Name: Don't Understand
you go out/you go out/you'd rather that i stayed home/I'm beginning to have my doubts/you go out/and thats fine/dont expect me to stay at home/well i ain't gonna tow the line/im about sink or swim/you're so far up in over your head/you're clutching for life and limb/any other day you'd have your say/but your words and the truth just don't line up/im feeling like i'm being played/you don't understand/you can go out and have your fun/you leave me tongue-tied love sick on the run/you look like your lots of fun but the thrill is gone like the setting sun/why do you need me/why don't you leave me
Track Name: Party People
party people/party down/party people/party down/no one knows why you came here/no one knows what to say/wouldnt have it any other way/i know I've been told/when the lights go down its such an awful sound/many things passed around/many people ain't coming down
Track Name: Regime
set em all up to knock em all down/and for your own good believe in the crown/you've lived a long hard life give us your wages/we'll keep you safe from all that plagues us/the man has come to bring you down/ever a presence so sound the alarms/as the institution extends it's arm/got a hold on all that you keep sacred/you gave them power and man you payed for it/all is not what it seems/when you're all caught up in the regime