One More Thing​(​to make you sad)

by The Rickaneers



"The one slow song, 'One More Thing (to make you sad)' is tough as explicative deleted, a break up song with attitude, full of regret and pathos but angered energy, non-apologetic and striving, self-aware but never self-deprecating."-The Riz/Canadian Beats Magazine

The second offering from The Rickaneers Lp, "One More Thing(to Make you sad)" finds The Rickaneers influenced by both 70's rock and roll and stoner rock with nods to Queens of the Stone Age and Cream. The tracks opening guitar comes in like a coal fired steam engine, chugging and rolling along with Doug Brown hitting the skins impossibly hard and Manny DeGrandis' bass line acting as the train's caboose. By the time the chorus comes along, the listener feels as if they've sung the words before and have felt the emotions described. Out of nowhere the song turns from groovy sludge rock to trippy psychedelia with Darrel Wallace and Jesse Schanck's harmonizing guitars weaving and melting into one another until finally descending into the songs final chorus.


released February 2, 2017
Written by J.Schanck and D.Brown
Produced by G.Marais, G.Shaw, J.Schanck and D.Brown
Engineered by Graham Shaw at Nik Nak Studios
Mastered by Eric Kofler
Copyright SOCAN 2016
All right reserved



all rights reserved


The Rickaneers Toronto, Ontario


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